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Most people are listening to music on Spotify or Apple Music, and at home on YouTube. They are following advice from algorithms tested on hundreds of millions of people.

A band in Utrecht, a rapper in Rotterdam, a dance producer in the Hague is not aiming for hundreds of millions of people. They want to be found by their fans and like-minded people, but their music is lost literally among 100,000,000 songs on these platforms. We want artists in the music scene to be found by their current and future fans, by the local media, and as soon the pandemic is over, to meet in local venues and festivals.

If a music fan is interested what is going on in Utrecht, Rotterdam or Den Haag, or on a roadtrip via Antwerpen and Gent via Lille, will never find those amazing bands, performers, rappers, producers who create wonderful content along the way.

Anybody can create playlists, but mainly Spotify, Apple, or YouTube create the playlists with their AI algorithms and their staff and their interests.

So let’s create new playlists! Let’s build up a weekly, relevant, non-exclusive playlist for music coming from Utrecht, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Flanders or the Netherland that smoothly blend in local music with relevant, spiritually or musically matching songs that fans of the Utrecht, Antwerpen, Rotterdam, Den Haag bands like.

Let’s create an app! If Forgetify can pick out songs that nobody, ever, ever listened to on Spotify, not even the performer’s mother, sister, friends, not even their enemies, than we can create an app that allows fans in Utrecht, visitors or Rotterdam and the virtual community of Den Haag to find relevant music, and to connect with music created in these communities.

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