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Governments, the EU, international organizations, and private donors often support causes of public interest with grants and donations. In some cases, these grants are aimed to help starting or sustaining economic activities. In other cases, they are supporting artistic activities or education.

Daniel had been involved in the professional assessment of granting schemes and grant applications since 2000. He has learned and taught various assessment methods to evaluated EU and national grants to support valuable public infrastructure, energy savings, health investments and other causes.

Since 2013 in the CEEMID project he has transferred some of this methodology to supporting music and film creation. Grants are essential to maintain the diversity and artistic quality of European music.

Experience with grant in select countries based on our music professionals survey in 2019.
Experience with grant in select countries based on our music professionals survey in 2019.
The chart is taken from the Conclusions of the Central European Music Industry Report 2020 based on our survey in 2019.

  • Anonymously surveying of musicians, their managers and music technicians about their granting experience in more than 10 countries.
  • Help granting agencies with setting realistic grant targets and grating parameters with budgeting and marketing information. (See an example here.)
  • Grant design in a comprehensive, logical framework, supported by empirical evidence, artist and ecosystem data and needs, direct and indirect (effect) indicators for program controls.
  • We would like to persuade grant managers that ex ante evaluation must be followed by ex post valuation. Original expectations must be contrasted with the effects of the grant and fed back to design better grants in the following year.

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Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal

My research interests include reproducible social science, economics and finance.