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From Play to Rec

Jeremy Dunne is the founder of the French Open Studio Sessions, which allows artists to open up in front of a very restricted audience and show themselves from a creative and working perspective—during they are producing a recorded performance.

Adding Value to Public Data With Imputation and Forecasting

Public data sources are often plagued with missng values. Naively you may think that you can ignore them, but think twice: in most cases, missing data in a table is not missing information, but rather malformatted information which will destroy your beautiful visualization or stop your application from working. In this example we show how we increase the usable subset of a public dataset by 66.7%, rendering useful what would otherwise have been a deal-breaker in panel regressions or machine learning applications.

How Can We Add Value to Public Data With Better Curation And Documentation?

Many people ask if we can really add value to free data that can be downloaded from the Internet by anybody. Public data usually requires a lot of work to become really valuable. To start with, it is not always easy to find.

We Are Looking for Partners in France

We are looking for partners in France for our Digital Music Observatory. You can find us in Le Trianon on the Pigalle, in the JUMP Corner.

Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era

Our Digital Music Observatory contributed to the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era project with understanding the level of justified and unjustified differences in rightsholder earnings, and putting them into a broader music economy context. The entire research paper is published by the UK Intellectual Property office, and we made the details of our analysis available in a joint publication.



Ex ante and ex post grant evaluation

Listen Local

Connecting local bands with local fans, joining scenes across the globe.

Music Observatory

Collaborative reproducible research in the music industry

Music Exports & Imports

Understanding how concerts, festival audiences and recordings are crossing borders





Andrés García Molina, PhD

Data Scientist & Ethnomusicologist


Botond Vitos, PhD

Data Scientist


Emily Hansell Clark



Kátya Nagy

Music Research Assistant


Stef Koenis

Data Scientist & Ethnomusicologist

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Harness the Algorithm

Save the Date: We will present the Listen Local project in the Algorithms in Film, Television and Sound Cultures: New Ways of Knowing and Storytelling …

Open Data Day 2021

Save the Date: Open Data Day 2021 focusing on environmental, sustainability and public spending data mapping.

Reprex introduction in IVIR

Reprex introduces our research automation products on the IViRtual seminar.


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