New spotifyr R Package Release

After a very thorough modernization of the package’s exception handling, documentation, and code dependencies that I did in the last week, the spotifyr package has passed again the peer-review standards and it is back on CRAN. The package is an excellent starting to point for R newbies to try their hands on musicology analysis with a few keystrokes. And of course, it is an essential part of the research infrastructure of musicology worldwide in far more advanced applications.

Music Streaming: Is It a Level Playing Field?

Our paper argues that fair competition in music streaming is restricted by the nature of the remuneration arrangements between creators and the streaming platforms, the role of playlists, and the strong negotiating power of the major labels. It …

What If Your Stream Count Would Count For The Artists?

Many people believe that if you play your favorite song again, the artist will receive more money. Unfortunately, this is not the case. But the French Centre National de la Musique imagines a world where this would happen.

Who Is Not Recommended On Spotify?

You need to have 1000x more followers to double the routes leading to your artist profile and recordings with the current algorithms. We need new recommendation engines to dig out the local artists buried under a pile of international hits.

New Demo Music Observatory Dataset: Domestic Market Share On Spotify National Charts

Our Demo Music Observatory started the release of the national markets shares on Spotify’s National Top 50 years with 15 months of history in a few select European countries. In some countries, the market share of locally produced music remains critically low, or decreasing, but there are notable exceptions. Getting on the top of the US market is becoming more difficult from the rest of the world.

Streaming Market Growth on European Markets

Total national sales reflect the growing number of subscribers, the price, the exchange rate, and many factors that are not important for an artists or music label. Instead we design indexes that show the real growth for a typical domestic or foreign rightsholder in a country. The aim is to provide useful sales and performance guidance for smaller countries, genres and exporting destinations.

National Market Shares on Spotify Hitlists

Which are the European countries that can successfully export songs on a streaming platform? What are the differences in cross-border hits from the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden?