JUMP Europen Music Market Accelerator

From Play to Rec

Jeremy Dunne is the founder of the French Open Studio Sessions, which allows artists to open up in front of a very restricted audience and show themselves from a creative and working perspective---during they are producing a recorded performance.

The Healing Effect of Sound and Music

Flower of Sound invites you to become more calm, inspired, energized or focused. Let the stress flow away and elevate your own frequency. Claudio is a fellow in the JUMP European Music Accelerator Program with a particularly interesting Milano and Amersfoort based startup, Flower of Sound.

From France: Destination East

HAJDE is a digital platform specializing in eco-responsible and cultural tourism in Eastern Europe. Its founder, Thibaut Boudaud, is developing his project alongside our music observatory in the JUMP European Music Market Accelerator.

Lapee: Making Festivals More Accessible For Women

Gina Périer is a fellow in the JUMP European Music Market Accelerator. She is an architect trying to solve a serious problem before music festivals reopen after the pandemic: many, many women, all in one place… who need to pee.

Our Music Observatory in the Jump European Music Market Accelerator: Meet the 2021 Fellows and their Tutors

Reprex's project, the automated Demo Music Observatory will be represented by Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex among other building bridges projects. This project offers a different approach to the planned European Music Observatory based on the principles of open collaboration, which allows contributions from small organizations and even individuals, and which provides higher levels of quality in terms of auditability, timeliness, transparency and general ease of use.

Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex Was Selected into the 2021 Fellowship Program of the European Music Market Accelerator

Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex, was selected into 2021 Fellowship program of JUMP, the European Music Market Accelerator. Jump provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models, encouraging the music sector to work on a transnational level. The European Music Market Accelerator composed of MaMA Festival and Convention, UnConvention, MIL, Athens Music Week, Nouvelle Prague and Linecheck support him in the development of our two, interrelated projects over the next nine months.