Launching Our Demo Music Observatory

Today, on 15 September 2020, we officially launched our minimal viable product as we promised to partners back in February. This was a particularly difficult period for everybody. We aspired to deliver by September in a very different environment, our hopes for commissioned work went up in flames with the pandemic, and our targeted users, musicians and music entrepreneurs, talent managers, music venues lost most of their income. The organizations helping them, granting authorities, export offices and collective management societies are overwhelmed with the problem. During these troublesome times, our team expanded, attracted great new talent, and kept working.

Our first product is the Demo Music Observatory, a collaborative, automated research-based observatory for the music industry, one that is particularly hard hit by the COVID19 crisis. Not only great artists, composers, technicians, managers fell victim to the virus, but musicians lost about 50–90% of their income from live music. This translates to a 100% loss for the live music technicians and managers.

See our earlier blogpost on what you see on the video.

The music industry was never a place for great job security. For putting up a show, you usually need a network of 10–200 artists, technicians and managers to work together as freelancers without all those social benefits that many people enjoy in other walks of life. We have been trying to figure out how to help this microenterprise and freelancer-network based industry with research for five years. Our aim is to make them competitive when they are talking with their buyers: Google, Apple, Spotify, who are really heavy-weight data and AI pros. Our better plan their tours, when they will be back on the road, to understand what sort of audiences and purchasing power waits for them in different European cities.

We are launching at a time when the music industry is crying for help.Therefore, we have decided to make our demo observatory open and unfinished. Over the last 7 years, we have built up about 2000 music and creative sector indicators to be used for business KPIs, forecasting targets, grant evaluations, royalty valuations, concert demography target group analysis and other professional uses. We would like to open up, based on your needs, about 50 well-designed indicators, and pledge to keep it daily refreshed, corrected, documented, citaable, downloadable. Also, feel free to use our most valuable source code—use it for your own purposes, even modify it, as long as you keep it open.

For our smaller partners, we follow what musicians do these days on Bandcamp: name your price. We make a pledge to our small partners: if you need reliable data to plan your next grant calls, calculate royalties, compensations, predict hit candidates, give us the job—and name your price. Post-corona, you can take for a dollar the best music from Bandcamp. You can take our research products, for a limited period, for any amount you name, as long as it is for a good cause and serves the industry, musicians, technicians or managers. In return, we ask for your feedback. Help us validate whether we are on the right track, tell us how we can cooperate after the pandemic, in better times.

Our larger and better funded partners? We ask you to pay the price we name, because we believe that it is a well-justified, fair and competitive price, set by pricing experts.

We appreciate it if you take a look at our offering, or if you pass this blogpost on to your colleagues in the industry. Our main target audience initially are music professional in broader Europe, but we are planning to cover all major global markets very soon, too. Feedback from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Colombia, Brazil & Argentina is particularly welcome as we have great plans over there!

Who we are?

We started our operations on 1 September 2020 on the basis of CEEMID, a pan-European data observatory that created about 2000 music and creative industry indicators for its users. In the coming days, we are gradually opening up about 50 music industry and 50 broader creative industry indicators in a fully reproducible workflow, with daily re-freshed, re-processed, well-formatted and documented indicators for business and policy decisions.

We would like to validate this approach in one of the world’s most prestigious university-backed incubator programs, in the Yes!Delft AI/Blockchain Validation Lab. We’re finalist on their selection, and all help before 23 September from our friends in the music industry is more than appreciated. If we get there, we can rely on probably the best pros in Europe to make our offering better tailored and financially sustainable.

Get in touch!

We use the very simple and extremely secure, a kind of mix of Whatsapp, Skype, Google Drive, One Drive and zoom. You can get in touch on that platform with us in anytime here.

You can easily contact on LinkedIn Daniel or Kátya and of course, we have a usually working email contact form, too. Our email is name.surname at our main domain.

Video credits

  • Data acquisition and processing: Daniel Antal, CFA and Marta Kołczyńska, PhD (survey data).
  • Documentation automation: Sandor Budai
  • Video art: Line Matson
  • Music: Moon Moon Moon.