Working With Localities and Location Tags

The second post in this series presents two use cases focused on localities and location tags (signifying cities, countries and sometimes nationalities). Such tags help putting local music scenes on the map; in the case of particularly prolific or creative cities they can be connected to specific genres too. Most commonly, they identify the city or country where the music label or the artist is based.

How to Speak About Music in the Digital Age from Taxonomies to Folksonomies

As a cultural anthropologist, I have been involved in the study of alternative electronic dance music communities and event-based cultures. The Bandcamp Dance Librarian project grew out of this work. It uses the industry taxonomy of Beatport in an attempt to detect stylistic tendencies or repertoires within the Bandcamp libraries of (mainly) grasroots labels. The project output also show the tags (folksonomies) added by the artists/labels to the Bandcamp pages. It is therefore possible to compare the industry taxonomy of Beatport with artist folksonomies, as long as such tags are provided on Bandcamp, and eventually create a searchable system in this kaleidoscopic musical landscape, which can be especially useful for newcomer researchers, promoters, music exporters.