Robin Kester: This Is Not Democracy

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Photographer: Lisa Brammer

Robin Kester is a rising star of the Dutch music scene. She released her first mini-album This is Not a Democracy on 11 September 2020 and received many positive reviews from the press. Despite the pandemic she managed to play several concerts throughout the country, although concerts abroad were cancelled.

The Utrecht-based musician is planning her first full-length album to be released next year. How is a newly recorded artist handling the Covid-crisis? How is she palnning hear career?

Where are you heading to? What would be a city or city-based scene where you would like to play after COVID and start building your local fan base, e.g. Vienna, Antwerpen, Zürich, or other cities. Why? What attracts you there professionally or personally?

Not sure where I’m heading. I’d like to tour internationally with my music. (But who doesn’t?) I find it very difficult to pinpoint one exact place to start building a fan base. I have always loved travelling in the UK and Ireland and I admire a lot of artists from those countries, but I can’t narrow it down to one specific location.

Where do you come from? What would you recommend to visit in your hometown for a fan who is coming to see your show? And are there other artists in your area/city that you would like to recommend?

I’m from the Netherlands and I’m currently living in Utrecht. I’d advise you to go for a nice walk around the city centre, follow the Catharijnesingel and go to a movie during the day in Springhaver or Louis Hartlooper Complex. There are plenty of other artists I’d recommend. Moon Moon Moon for instance.

Could you recommend one of your videos from YouTube or Vimeo?

Sure, I like this one:

Robin Kester - Live at 3voor12 Radio

A longer interview in Dutch: Robin Kester: ‘Ik ben niet dat meisje met die gitaar’ I am not that girl with that guitar.

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This is not a democracy is a line from the closing song Empty Head.

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