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Katarzia. Photography by Ladislav Kyllar
Katarzia. Photography by Ladislav Kyllar

Katarzia, or Katarína Kubošiová, is a Slovak singer, lyricist and producer. In 2020 she released her fourth album Celibát with the main themes of loneliness and self-appreciation. Album was created in collaboration with the producer Jonatán Pastirčák.

Katarzia started her career as a folk singer. In the past years she moved on towards electronic music. She describes her current sound can as a mix of folk and electropop. The tour to promote her newest album Celibát had been planned for spring 2020, unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic had to be postponed indefinitely. As many other artists, Katarzia thinks that the current situation is not easy.

At the moment, I am not working on any new projects. I am looking for a new job. Once the pandemic is over, I would like to stay where I am now, and return to the clubs to play for my audience. As I sing in Slovak, I know where my place is – I don’t want to perform abroad, of course, unless I turn to techno music. On a more personal level, I would like to live in New York – not as a musician, tough.

Katarzia is originally from Nitra, Slovakia and she has been living in Prague for a couple of years.

I live in Dejvice – there is a nice clubroom there, but I don’t visit that much. I enjoy going to National Theatre, Dejvice Theatre, Meetfactory, Archa Theatre and Rudolfinum. All the old classics.

Despite the restrictions during the pandemic, Katarzia managed to shoot a video for her song Hoří i voda from Celibát.

The music video is a short film, directed by Jay Walker, an American who lives and works in Prague. Girls in film –- an organization that supports women in the film industry –- participated in the production of the video. The song is about women rights and equality.

Previous albums:

  • Generácia Y (2013)
  • Agnostika (2016)
  • Antigona (2018).

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